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Providing a safe and Genuine online service   -  Feb 20, 2010

At SumanOnline.co.uk we believe in providing a safe environment for our clients, and to do this, we screen every single application/profile submitted, to join the site.

Whether paying or not, quite simply, if a profile is not completed properly, it will not be upgraded for full membership. The experience we have gained through our associated agency, namely Suman Marriage Bureau, has made us aware of many issues that arise when individuals are looking for a partner.

Whilst the Internet has been instrumental in many couples getting together, it has also been a great cause of pain, suffering and distress to the many who have come across fraudsters online.

When you join SumanOnline.co.uk you can be rest assured that we are taking your membership seriously, and value your trust placed in our site. We will always endeavour to filter out those individuals who seem to be time wasters, or passport seekers!!

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