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  Cheers View full profile 
37 yrs, 5ft 6in - 167cm, Hindu,
Self-employed Person,
from Lancashire, United Kingdom
A few keywords about myself for the one who's looking for them...I live by myself, pay my own bills, I wear socks that match, though can struggle with ties...love living life, enjoy being outdoor, tra...
  arunv View full profile 
59 yrs, 5ft 2in - 157cm, Hindu,
from Lancashire, United Kingdom
He is a kind, well mannered guy, with moral values. The kind of lady best suited for him would be someone who wants mutual respect, understanding and of course a harmonious lifetime relationship. H...
  kesh View full profile 
31 yrs, 5ft 10in - 177cm, Hindu Brahmin,
from Middlesex, United Kingdom
Easy going,Love working out,enjoy going out.looking for some one professional ,with good family background,and good personality....
  baljinder View full profile 
30 yrs, 5ft 11in - 180cm, Sikh,
Social Worker,
from West Midlands, United Kingdom
I am very honest person,I am very hard worker and very caring person I like cooking music shopping and lotsof fun in my life with my true Love xxxx thanks...
  maheshreddy View full profile 
31 yrs, 5ft 10in - 177cm, Hindu,
Business Person,
from Karnataka, India
i want to love my love...and i am searching same person...i never hurt...and take positive for all...i am searching for good girl 2 stay for life time......
  sam123 View full profile 
39 yrs, 5ft 5in - 165cm, Hindu,
from Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
looking for a simple girl from traditional family. educated and well intelligent am an engineer . I don't like smoking, drinking ,outside parties.... She should be citizen of UK....
  aahmed View full profile 
37 yrs, 5ft 9in - 175cm, Muslim Sunni Sheikh,
Computer Professional,
from London, United Kingdom
I am from an Indian origin, born and grown up in India. I moved to UK for Studies and presently working in IT. I am looking for my better half with similar back ground....
  mnabil View full profile 
28 yrs, , Muslim,
from United Kingdom
  khanmr View full profile 
54 yrs, 5ft 7in - 170cm, Muslim Sunni Khan,
Self-employed Person,
from Berkshire, United Kingdom
  nupy View full profile 
31 yrs, 5ft 7in - 170cm, Hindu Agarwal,
Administration Professional,
from Avon, United Kingdom
My son has got a degree in computer and finance.is working in reputable company in U.K.He is very hard working person.We are educated family .Brother is economics graduate,one sister doctor other is p...
  Pannu View full profile 
30 yrs, 5ft 9in - 175cm, Sikh,
Self-employed Person,
from Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Hi my name is Mandip Pannu.I am basically from India.I am very caring, loving and honest person........
  Qaisar View full profile 
36 yrs, 5ft 10in - 177cm, Muslim Sunni,
Computer Professional,
from London, United Kingdom
I am looking for a bride for my brother. My brother is very responsible, caring and religious. He is 33 years old and is working in IT/hardware engineering. He is actually on temporary visa in uk and ...
  tomak View full profile 
31 yrs, 4ft 6in - 137cm, Hindu Kutchi Gurjar,
Clerical Official,
from Manitoba, Canada
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  dtalati View full profile 
35 yrs, 6ft - 182cm, Hindu Vaishnav,
from London, United Kingdom
My son hobbies include to watch Hindi/comedy Movies -to watch crickets/football- to listen music. HE IS IN NEED OF A PARTNER WHO CAN SEE THAT MARRIAGE CAN LEAD TO PERSONAL GROWTH IN NEWER DIMENSIO...
  sheran View full profile 
33 yrs, , Hindu,
from United Kingdom
  shameer99 View full profile 
35 yrs, 5ft 9in - 175cm, Hindu,
Computer Professional,
from London, United Kingdom
Hello!I'm a Malaysian Gujarati currently based in London for work. Love music, football and drums. I also enjoy travelling and meeting new people. Simple boy who wants to lead a happy , non stressful ...
  Atik View full profile 
36 yrs, 5ft 11in - 180cm, Muslim,
IT / Telecom Professional,
from Karnataka, India
I am 5'11 height with very fair skin. I work as an IT professional. I like to be down to earth, kind, soft spoken. I am looking for a person who is soft spoken, good nature, should have understanding...
  Krishna View full profile 
38 yrs, 5ft 7in - 170cm, Hindu Telugu,
Administration Professional,
from Worcestershire, United Kingdom
I'm looking for someone who is honest, good looking, well educated, well respected in one word I would say good human being...
  Umary100 View full profile 
32 yrs, 5ft 4in - 162cm, Muslim Sunni,
from London, United Kingdom
I am a loving and caring and generous person.My passion is to help others as much as I can.alhamdulillah I pray five times a day.I am looking for myself a religious ,loyal and honest partner.Insha All...
  oz View full profile 
67 yrs, 5ft 5in - 165cm, Muslim Bengali,
Not working,
from Essex, United Kingdom
I am simple , honest. Sincere person. Looking for someone who is honest and believe in Religion and practice Islam in real life. Must be educated , good moral character....
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