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  Anju View full profile 
43 yrs, 5ft 6in - 167cm, Hindu,
from Middlesex, United Kingdom
I am looking for well educated, easy going and mature person who is willing to get settle down and serious about long term commitment....
  hina parmar View full profile 
37 yrs, 5ft 1in - 154cm, Hindu Gujarati,
Government Employee,
from West Midlands, United Kingdom
I am a realistic watch the news read a newspaper, use the internet. I am intelligence and honest have a sense of humor I am observant I am knowledgeable....
  Milla4islam View full profile 
25 yrs, 5ft 7in - 170cm, Muslim,
Not working,
from Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
My name is Umma Sadak, I'm 21years old,I was born in United Kingdom. My name is Umma Sadak, I'm 21years old,I was born in United Kingdom. My name is Umma Sadak, I'm 21years old,I was born in United...
  12abc View full profile 
35 yrs, , Muslim,
from United Kingdom
  minku1 View full profile 
38 yrs, 5ft 3in - 160cm, Hindu Rajput,
Human Resources Professional,
from Rajasthan, India
She comes from a reputed rajput family. Both parents are from renowned and reputed families of Rajasthan. She is the only child of her parents. Whilst with her father, she has seen most of India besid...
  sangit View full profile 
51 yrs, 5ft 1in - 154cm, Sikh Ramgharia,
Not working,
from London, United Kingdom
nice friendly ,caring, shy , person, how gets on with every body, understanding, reilibe, with good personality with good lough, good feelings , for each persons feeilngs, for love . mix up with diffe...
  Seehra View full profile 
37 yrs, , Sikh Ramgharia,
from United Kingdom
  Starseeker View full profile 
33 yrs, 5ft 4in - 162cm, Christian,
from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Dedicated to making a successfully career and business. Love good music and intelligent people looking for a partner that. Is also dedicated to become successful for himself. Someone with a lot of sel...
  nish View full profile 
33 yrs, , Sikh Ramgharia,
from United Kingdom
  Aditi2015 View full profile 
30 yrs, 5ft 7in - 170cm, Hindu Punjabi,
from London, United Kingdom
Our daughter is a sophisticated and lively lady. Brought up in New Delhi, she excelled at school, graduating in Economics and then achieving her Masters from Oxford. After a solid financial career b...
  REKHA View full profile 
41 yrs, 5ft - 152cm, Hindu Gujarati,
Administration Professional,
from Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
  Khaadi View full profile 
45 yrs, 4ft 8in - 142cm, Muslim Sunni,
Retail Professional,
from London, United Kingdom
A shy muslimah who likes to cook different types of south Asian dishes; practise my religion Alhamdulillah; looking for a life partner who's kind practising Muslim with a great sensible personality & ...
  Shirin View full profile 
32 yrs, , Muslim Sunni,
from United Kingdom
  Kini View full profile 
30 yrs, 5ft 6in - 167cm, Muslim Shia,
IT / Telecom Professional,
from Victoria, Australia
I like to travel. I love to cook I'm very honest person .im want an good and handsome person.i like to hockey I don't like to be annoyed....
  pinky View full profile 
26 yrs, 5ft 4in - 162cm, Hindu,
Not working,
from Assam, India
I am pinky. I like music,dance. I like to read story book. I love my parents.They also love me.I always with them....
  Sameeha View full profile 
34 yrs, , Muslim,
from United Kingdom
  anky View full profile 
29 yrs, 5ft 1in - 154cm, Hindu Brahmin,
from Assam, India
Hello, I'm a simple girl from India. I'm quite shy but like to be amidst crowd and family. My elder sis and bro-in-law live in London, and I absolutely love this city. I have earned my Bachelors degre...
  dilnaz View full profile 
55 yrs, 5ft 3in - 160cm, Muslim Sunni,
Social Worker,
from London, United Kingdom
would like someone with workable values intelligent gsoh good character and personality Islamic value kind considerate understanding for better and worsw from 55-above 60...
  Hemz View full profile 
36 yrs, , Hindu Kutchi,
from United Kingdom
  ruby6674 View full profile 
44 yrs, 5ft 2in - 157cm, Sikh,
from Surrey, United Kingdom
I enjoy cooking during my spare time. I am looking for a down to earth person. I come from a small close family. ...
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